Self Employed…?

In an effort to generate more money for my experimental artistic endeavors, I’ve started to do commissions. Yes, those really tedious, but slightly touching, portraits of pets and their people. I never thought I would be swamped by so many requests though. The response I’ve been getting is quite overwhelming.

I’ve devised a system that allows me to tell clients when I’ll be able to start their drawing (I book out days to work on these drawings). I’m literally surrounded by pencils, paper, canvasses and paint.

Then it hit me [slowpoke, I know] – I’m practically self employed. I’ve always known that most professional artists are self employed, but I never thought that I would be. In fact, when I started drawing at the age of 13, I never thought I would actually become an ‘artist’ (not that I have any idea what that means).

I guess this can be considered a milestone, even if it’s one I’m not particularly proud of. Below are two of the commissions I’ve done



3 responses to “Self Employed…?

  1. Personally, I believe is the art that chooses us. What we do about it, however …

    Anyway, only the daily constant practical reveals the potential that each one carries within itself.

    Congratulations for the excellent work! :))

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with your statement about art choosing us. I’m going to keep doing these and then do sketches without reference or deadlines to help myself find my own style and ‘voice’. Your latest stuff is incredible, btw, I was drooling over everything earlier XD

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