Anger in Wonderland

———————————————-Start Rant———————————————-

I am so incredibly tired. Tired of being mobbed by comments like “go look at so-and-so-artist” and “look, this artist is doing what you’re doing”. I’m quite a competitive person, but when did art become a sport? When did the need to be the most well known and the most ‘respected’ become the aim of an ancient desire?

I’m tired of being shoved around and being told what to do and what to avoid. I have my own sense of being and that is what I want my art to be about. I want to make art that speaks about me and my point of view (besides, it’s impossible to create art from anyone else’s). Unfortunately, I’m at a school that seems to force things like this. Force you to become one with the crowd to the point that I don’t know who I am. I’m also sick of artists becoming like living factories, where once they’re known they have to make anything and everything as long as it has their name on it. Your name becomes an asset. How is that different from an office job?

Its quite ironic how something that, almost always, tries to make people aware of the human condition, becomes part of that condition.

————————————————End Rant————————————————-

What really bothers me is how skill gets lost in this mess. It doesn’t seem to be something that is valued as much as it should be. Maybe, in the struggle to ‘be the best’ people find it easier to overlook skill as a warped kind of denial.

Attached photo, completely unskilled work I’m currently wasting my time on



One response to “Anger in Wonderland

  1. Please, forgive me the audacity to say.

    Do not tire yourself so it, let go!

    I absolutely agree. Art is not a sport. So, never mind with this pressure. Keep only express what is going on inside you. This is your job!

    By the way, beautiful, strong and mysterious work! 🙂

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