Order from Disorder

Quick note: I will try to refrain from spouting mystical-hoo-doo in this post, but sometimes we all have to admit that not everything can be rationalised.

In the past week I’ve found myself dwelling on a paradox; we are often told that living in the present, rather than the past or future, it the key to happiness. There are even studies that show this to be a fact. How do you, however, go about living your life as it is without looking forward or back? Wouldn’t that lead to a life lived without any semblance of change or growth?

This is what I’m trying to say – If you go about your life, living as you are now without anticipation for the future you will never have the incentive to change, grow or better yourself. I’m not trying to say that you are not good enough – only you could possibly know that – I’m saying that you cannot expect to become the person you hope to be by staying who you are.

Currently, I’m in a situation where I have to make a decision that will impact my future. In an effort to keep my sanity, I decided to take every day as it comes and being entirely present within my current situation. Unfortunately I realised that I was just postponing the inevitable. Our choices have consequences and considering those consequences – and therefore looking toward the future – is a wise thing to do.

Granted – choices like these are not an everyday occurance, so being present most of the time is entirely plausible. I just can’t help but wonder about people who are stuck in relationships with the wrong people for reasons that seem right. Love is something inherently unexplainable. The cocaine-like rush love and infatuation can cause has been well documented and discussed, but I’m talking about the “Pumps-and-Bumps” that Jake tries to explain to Finn in an episode of Adventure Time. That inexplicable pull you have toward someone that isn’t logical, or in many cases, even becomes destructive.

We live in a world where our intuition is touted as a distraction – something that keeps you from thinking straight. Going with your gut is the only way I can image that it is possible to live in the moment while still retaining your ability to change. This implies that any planning goes out the window. Luckily I’m heading towards a career where “I didn’t feel like it” is actually a valid excuse, but the majority of us don’t have that luxury. Are we doomed to a life of unhappiness caused by a society so ingrained with order that is causes personal chaos? Would societal chaos lead to an increase in happiness and, thus, productivity and creativity? Is the key to human happiness global Anarchy? I don’t think so.

While I have a habit of applying even the smallest thing to the “bigger picture” [Unhappiness = global Anarchy], I am rational enough to realise that there are other ways to deal with these kinds of things. As with most anything – moderation is key. Work in moderation, play in moderation, dream in moderation, but remember to come back home to yourself. When you spend your life everywhere, but here, you have no way of knowing where you are.

The only reason that this decicion is difficult is because, deep down, you already know the truth, but fear of change is holding you back. You are allowed to change. Listen to your instincts – they evolved to guide and protect you. You are allowed to dream, but don’t allow yourself to become stuck in a dream to the point where it ruins who you are. I you don’t know who you are, then dedicate time to getting to know yourself. It isn’t easy and could even be incredibly depressing (or encouraging), but it is neccesary if you hope to become more understanding of your situation.

Good luck.


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